In this early stage of our breeding program we are often having 1 litter each year.

We raise our puppies using a program called Puppy Culture, which is has early neurological stimulation, socialisation protocols, resilience exercises, basic skills training, desensitization exercises and environment enrichment all aimed at helping to give the the pups a good start on the way to becoming well adjusted, confident and resilient dogs. You can find more about Puppy Culture here.

We keep a waiting list and when we have a litter we begin going through the list to see if people are still looking for a puppy. We usually wait until the pups are about 4 weeks old before doing this.

If we run through the waiting list and still have puppies available then we may advertise them on dogzonline and Gumtree.

If someone does want one of our corgi pups then we will ask them to read and respond to some information that we send to them. You can see the information and questions here.

If we are happy with the response we receive then we will confirm that we can offer them a puppy from the litter. We do not usually allocate which specific puppy someone will get until the pups are about 7 weeks of age and we can determine which puppy would be best suited to each home.

Also at 7 weeks of age the puppies get their first vaccination and a thorough vet check, giving them the green light to go to their new homes when they are 8 weeks of age.

Our puppies go home with a "Puppy Pack" which usually includes a 4kg bag of Royal Canin Medium Puppy biscuits, a small blanket with mum’s scent on it and another blanket that has been in the rotation with the litter so it will smell like home. Also a collar that will fit while they are still little, a treat bag with a roll of poop bags, a lick mat and a home made snuffle mat and sock toy.

We have also put together a small booklet (3MB PDF) that you can download by clicking here Puppy Booklet. It contains information about feeding, worming, vaccinations, sterilisation and grooming as well as suggestions and advice for dealing with things like chewing, biting, guarding, toilet training and socialising. We hope that the information contained will be helpful for you in the preparation for your pup and in coping with the 8 week old dynamos when they arrive in your home, and that you will have a look through it. We provide a printed copy with each puppy.

Welsh Pembroke Corgis are a wonderful breed, but like all breeds they do have their positive and negative traits. It is well worth checking out what the characteristics are, and we think that the information found on this website gives a good run down. https://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/reviews/pembrokewelshcorgis.html


Our first litter

Dam - "Willow" Cyemore Welcome Willow

Sire - "Bailey" CH Cuuchin Heez So Fine

DOB - 18/4/20


Our second litter

Dam - "Haru" Cuuchin A Walk in the Park

Sire - "Pippin" Kalatha Clan Pip

DOB - 16/1/21


Our third litter

Dam - "Willow" Cyemore Welcome Willow

Sire - "Marlon" CH Newpry Marlon Brando

DOB - 22/1/22


Our fouth litter

Dam - "Rosa" Milkenunny Winter Rose

Sire - "Boof" Whitescreek New Moon Rising

DOB - 12/2/23

Rosa's Litter