I fell in love with photography after chronic illness forced me to slow down and look at the beauty of creation around us. When I was too ill to do anything else, I would wander around my backyard with a camera taking photos of birds, flowers, insects or anything else that caught my eye.

For a time, I made my hobby my business as a professional nature photographer in Western Australia, being regularly published in the magazine “Landscope”.

I made the decision to step away from the professional side as the era of film was coming to an end. Since moving to Tasmania I have returned to photography with digital cameras. For the bird photographer, the quality and detail possible with modern digital cameras is something we could once only dream of.

Tasmania provides so many opportunities for the photographer. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my work.

photog1 KimPhotographing BabyWren1 Moonscape DevilsGullet Wren YellowThroatedHoneyeater milkenunny